The Armory

This is a personal project of a selection of weapons I have created to practice physically based rendering in CryEngine.

Ares Arms 1911a1 by HK on Sketchfab

This custom real-time rendered 1911a1 is made with a PBR system.
The body of the gun is fully made out of pure metal, thus not requiring a diffuse map, making the material set up rather cheap.

Each grip can individually be replaced as a customization option, with three grips fitting on one texture sheet.
Because the grips have their own respective texture set as does the body of the gun, they can individually be modified to make variations of completely different guns quickly.

Each part of the gun operates like its real-life counterpart.
This custom real-time rendered K98 is made with a PBR system in Cryengine.
Each part of the rifle operates like its real-life counterpart.

Ares Arms K98 by HK on Sketchfab

British 303 stripper clip by HK on Sketchfab