American Horror Story: Hotel Cortez

This is the hotel Cortez lobby from American Horror Story season 5.
When I first saw this season, I fell in love with the art-deco style and it inspired me to recreate it with current generation techniques (no unique bakes, just tiling textures) and run it real-time within the Lumberyard game-engine.

I used the same workflow we developed initially at Crytek for Ryse: Son of Rome which we now heavily enhanced and commonly use on the Star Citizen project. There are quite a few shader tricks used in this scene which are fairly cheap. Many things like the glowing lights are just a simple shader with vertex colouring omitting the use of expensive texture maps

I have quite a heavy duty machine but the scene is still running at 60fps keeping the drawcall count and memory usage fairly low. It can be even more optimized by removing more triangles and adding multiple LoD's.

Pixel density = 512 pixels per meter

Average texture size = 2048x2048